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Tomtom – NavKit Featurest

Free text search engine: Provides drivers with free text search and suggestions across addresses and POIs, supports also POI category synonyms, abbreviations and special characters.
Fast and exact route planning: NavKit plans a route faster and more accurately than standard routing techniques, by using an advanced routing technology based on pre-calculated routes.
3D Maps: Provides drivers with a 3D view of their route, optionally including 3D city models and 3D landmarks, optimising their driving experience.
Advanced alternative routes: NavKit suggests better alternative routes around traffic and fully supports TomTom Traffic Version 6.0, including incident duration prediction.
IQ Routes: Drivers will know the best route for the time of day, thanks to TomTom’s extensive GPS probe data coverage.
Itinerary management: Routes with waypoints can be stored, edited and deleted. This enables users to manage itineraries and reuse routes that they have previously created.
Pinch to Zoom: Drivers can use touch screen technology to adjust the zoom level of their map.
Map configuration options: OEMs can adjust the appearance of their map to suit their personal preferences. This includes changing the colour of their map, textures, the width of the road and the camera viewpoint.
Daily driving assistance: NavKit allows home, recent destinations and favourite destinations to be stored, enabling quick and easy access to these destinations. If the driver hasn’t set a destination, TomTom will still advise on the traffic situation around the driver’s current position.
LIVE Services: Provides drivers with instant road information when they need it. Includes Traffic 6.0, TomTom Places and Safety Alerts.
Map Share: Free daily map changes from the Map Share community. Includes dynamic changes such as blocked roads and new speed limits.
NavKit SDK: Provides documentation, interface specifications, tutorials and a complete navigation UI including source code to provide application developers with the tools to implement their own connected navigation application. A new NavKit SDK is released every quarter. Companies interested in using NavKit can request an evaluation license to get access to the latest SDK.


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